'America's Got Talent' Season 13 Recap: Simon Cowell Shocks Everyone With a Suprise Golden Buzzer
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One of the acts features an elderely couple taking the stage to grind and twerk to Jason Derulo's 'Talk Dirty'.

AceShowbiz - The competition in season 13 of "America's Got Talent" continues as the show aired its episode 2 on Tuesday, June 5. The episode featured a slew acts auditioning before judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B, with one of them getting a suprise golden buzzer.

The first act to take the stage was Yumbo Dump, a duo who made sounds with their bodies. They followed cue cards which showed what sound they would make, and it included the sound of water dripping, the sound of pulling a cork from a Scottish malt whiskey and the sound of dolphins crying. Mel B hit her button, but the other judge appeared to like their odd comedy.

The next performers were Shawn and Lindsey. The married couple did a standup comedy, but it was just an awkward skit. All the judges gave them no, meaning they were eliminated.

Following the disappointing performance was "Us the Duo", who consists of Carissa and Michael from California. The couple joined forces to sing an original song that they wrote for their wedding as their vows to each other. It was such an adorable performance and the judges liked it. The duo moved on to the next round!

Lily Walker delivered her impressive skills of imitating the sound of animals including a turkey, a duck, a dogs, a horse, a turkey and a rooster. Since the 11-year-old young girl lived on a farm, it wasn't surprising if she wowed everyone with her epic imitation. Lily went to the next round.

Performing next were brothers Alejandro & Ricardo Rossi. The siblings performered a tumbling act, which was both dangerous and cool at the same time. There were spins, lifts, flips, tosses and turns, and it was good until one of them fell in the middle of a spin. The duo, however, got up and managed to nail their performance. All judges gave them a "yes."

Christina Wells followed it up, delivering an emotional performance with her powerful voice. It's a no brainer decision for the judges to vote "yes" for her. She's moving on to the next round.

Da RepubliK is a co-ed dance group from Dominican Republic. They showcased their energic dance routine in a perfectly synched performance. The judges were blown away, and the group earned four yes.

The performance was followed by Aaron Crow, who used his sword to slice an apple in mid-air. He later asked Howie to join him on his act. Aaron covered his own eyes with candle wax, bandages, duct tape and foil before he sliced a pineapple in half on Howie's head with a sword. He's moving on.

Alex Hooper, donning a red-and-blue tight costume, opted to do a comedy, expect for it turned out to be him roasting the judges and host Tyra Banks. Right after he insulted Tyra, the audience raised from their seats and made an X gesture with their hands. Howie, Heidi and Mel all pressed their X buttons, with the latter walking over to Simon's chair to hit his X buzzer. Simon, however, gave Alex a "yes" because he found him funny. Unsurpringly, Alex went home.

Mochi later wowed the judges with his synchronized moves with an LED screen behind him. He got four yes from the judges and moved forward.

The next act was probably one that no one ever imagined. Married couple Celina and Filiberto, 66 and 70, took the stage to grind and twerk to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty". While the other judges gave the elderly couple "yes," Mel B said "no" to them. The couple got to the next round.

Michael Letterer rounded out that night's performances. The father of six sang an emotional rendition of "To Love Somebody", a song which was dedicated to his family. He shared one of his three adopted children had cerebral palsy, making him live in a home that had a meth lab in it. The judges were moved by his performance and Simon shocked everyone by hitting his golden buzzer. Letterer was the second act to get a golden buzzer after Zurcaroh, who earned it in the premiere last week.

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