Report: Taylor Swift to Build Higher Walls Surrounding Hollywood Mansion
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The 'Look What You Made Me Do' purchased the $25 million Samuel Goldwyn Estate back in 2015.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift plans to almost double the height of her boundary walls following a series of security breaches at her Beverly Hills home.

After purchasing the $25 million (£18 million) Samuel Goldwyn Estate in 2015, which was designated a Local Historic Landmark in 2017, the "Bad Blood" singer obtained permits to put up a 6.5ft tall cinder block wall by her front porch and a 7ft high retaining wall by her tennis court.

However, in April, after an intruder was arrested for attempting to scale the wall and "charged with trespassing and refusing to leave private property", the "Look What You Made Me Do" hitmaker sought permission to increase its height in a bid "to improve security and privacy".

According to documents obtained by editors at TMZ, Taylor, 28, stated that there have been "multiple attempts by people to enter the property over the existing, lower perimeter wall".

She has now reportedly been granted permission to almost double the height of the cinder-block wall, camouflaged by box ivy and bushes, to shore up the security of her estate.

Two months ago, 23-year-old Justin Christoph Lilly was arrested for trying to scale a wall at her Beverly Hills mansion

He was sentenced to three days in jail and a year of summary probation, on the condition that he stays away from her home.

The singer was not home at the time of the incident.

And in April, the singer was granted a restraining order against a man who was arrested at her Beverly Hills home.

Julius Alexander Sandrock attempted to break into the singer's pad after scaling a wall. He was apprehended wearing a mask and rubber gloves and carrying a knife and a rope, according to reports.

During a search of his car, police officers found ammunition, more gloves, another knife, and multiple face masks.

Sandrock was arrested and charged with felony stalking.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Taylor wrapped up the first leg of her "Reputation" Tour in Chicago, Illinois, with two nights at Soldier Field Football Stadium.

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