Jada Pinkett Smith Uses Steroid Injections to Fight Hairloss

The star has taken to Instagram to thank fans and experts for their support and advice.

AceShowbiz - Jada Pinkett Smith has turned to steroids in an effort to slow down her hair loss after revealing her baldness concerns during a recent episode of her online talk show.

The actress, 46, opened up about her problems after telling her mother and daughter Willow - her "Red Table Talk" co-hosts - that her hair had started to come out as she showered.

"It was terrifying when it first started," she said. "I was in the shower one day and then just a handful of hair just (fell out) in my hands and I was like, 'Oh my God, am I going bald?' It was one of those times in my life when I was literally shaking with fear.

"My hair has been a big part of me. Taking care of my hair has been a beautiful ritual and having the choice to have hair or not. And then one day to be like, 'Oh my God, I might not have that choice anymore'."

Now Jada has taken to Instagram to thank fans and experts for their support and advice, admitting she has a lot to think about.

"Hey, I just want to say thank you to everybody for all the outreach too - from all the doctors and all the holistic practitioners who have been reaching out to me about this head of mine - I appreciate it so much," the "Girls Trip" star said in an Instagram video. "I'm taking into a lot of consideration all the recommendations that are coming my way."

She then revealed "little steroid injections" appear to be helping, adding, "I'm open to other ideas, so thank you."

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