'America's Got Talent' Season 13 Premiere Recap: Acrobatic Group Wows the Judges
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The episode featured the first Golden Buzzer in the new season, which kicked off on Tuesday, May 29.

AceShowbiz - "America's Got Talent" returned for season 13 on Tuesday, May 29. The new season, which saw returning judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown a.k.a. Mel B, was kicked off with a performance from mom and daughter pair Svetlana and Marina along with their Savitsky Cats.

Simon, who's not a fan of cats, was impressed by how well trained the cute cats were. The kitties jumped through a hoop before successfully crawling across a pole. The final trick featured the cats crawling up a pole and jumping down onto a pillow. Mel B called the audition "brilliant" and the four judges gave them yes.

Performing next was magician Shin Lim. Although he looked nervous, Lim blew everyone's mind as he offered an unbelievable close-up magic. "This was unbelievable," Simon said. Lim moved to the next round.

Iain Brown followed up the performance. He didn't prepare an act, but replaced Howie as a judge instead. The others judge let him take over Howie's seat for the following act, musician Mike who uses his hands and mouth to recreate farting noises in the melody of "America the Beautiful". All judges but Iain hit their X buttons for Mike. He later flubbered his comments before the audience started booing him off the panel. Simon fired him and Howie eventually got back his seat.

Sibling band We Three then took the stage to perform an original song. Joshua, Bethany and Manny revealed that the song was inspired by their mother, who passed away suddenly from unexpected tumors. It was such an emotional performance, leading them to get a full set of four YESES from the judges.

Meanwhile, a quartet of young men named the Human Fountains delivered a rather bizarre performance. Accompanied by "My Heart Will Go On", they spit water out of their mouths to mimick fountains. It didn't take long for Simon to hit his X button, and said that their audition was "stupid." However, the other three judges gave them a "yes," making the Human Fountains advance to the next round.

The next performance was from a group of dancers called Junior New System. Hailing from Manila, the Philippines, they delivered an energetic performance ranging from acrobatics to dancing in perfect sync in heels. "You guys just really woke me up," Heidi praised them. Junior New System were moving on.

14-year-old rapper Flau'jae later followed it up. She said that she became a rapper to fulfil her dad's dream. Her dad was shot and killed before she was born. "I know talent. Right now, I believe we are witnessing the start of somebody's career big time," Simon said after Flau'jea's mindblowing performance, before adding that it was his "favorite audition by a clear mile." She received four yes.

Commedienne Vicki Barbolak was up next, bringing laughter to the studio in no time. "You are the funniest [stand-up comic] we've had on this show," Simon told her.

The next audition was a frightening young magician named The Sacred Riana. Dressing like a doll she carried, she went straight to Mel's seat before pulling out a collection of photographs. Holding a news clipping about deaths, she asked Mel to chose one photo. Simon hit his X, but Mel continued to play along. She earned three yes from the other judges.

The final act was Zurcaroh. The troupe stunned everyone with their incredible and death-defying acrobatic. "This is, honestly, one of the most incredible things I've seen," Simon gushed. Tyra was beyond amazed by them as she used the Golden Buzzer for the first time this season.

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