Rose McGowan to Support Other Alleged Harvey Weinstein Victims in Court
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'I will support the other survivors, all over the world. That's what I do,' the actrees, who was also among Harvey's accusers, vows,

AceShowbiz - Rose McGowan is plucking up the courage to face her alleged rapist Harvey Weinstein in court when his sex crimes case goes to trial.

The disgraced producer surrendered to New York police on Friday, May 25, and was charged with various counts of rape, a criminal sex act, sex abuse, and sexual misconduct relating to separate incidents with two women.

He was released on bail until his next court date in July, and McGowan, who claims the fallen movie mogul forced himself on her during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah in 1997, is full of mixed emotions about the developments in the case, after fighting for so long to have her voice heard.

Speaking in the hours leading up to his arrest, the Charmed star told ABC News she was in "shock" over his prosecution, which she hopes will lead to prison time.

"Justice would be for him to just simply go poof (disappear from the public eye)!," she said. "Preferably behind bars because we (alleged victims) were sentenced to a prison, we were sentenced to years of it, before anybody believed us. We had our lives stolen, we had our careers stolen."

McGowan admits she would rather never see his face again, but she is considering attending Weinstein's future court hearings with another of his accusers, who she did not identify.

"His face has terrorised me for so long," the actress shared. "There is another survivor of his that we are talking about going (sic), and if she wants to go, I will go with her..."

Appearing to then make up her mind about attending, McGowan insists she will happily face the intense media scrutiny inevitable in such a high-profile court case if it means justice is finally served.

"I would rather be ready for that kind of coverage and his trial than just coverage of him golfing...," she explained, "so I will be ready for it and I will sit in that courtroom and I will support the other survivors, all over the world. That's what I do."

Weinstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He has consistently denied any allegations of non-consensual sex.

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