Huey Morgan Threatens to Beat Harvey Weinstein for Allegedly Groping His Girlfriend
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The 49-year-old musician says in a new interview that the disgraced movie mogul 'freaked out' after he threatened him.

AceShowbiz - Fun Lovin' Criminals star Huey Morgan once threatened to knock film boss Harvey Weinstein out for allegedly groping his girlfriend.

The Scooby Snacks singer made the revelation during a recent broadcast of his Huey Off The Record podcast, explaining the disgraced producer "freaked out" and left to avoid a confrontation.

"Harvey Weinstein put his hand on my girlfriend's a** once and I said to him, 'Listen mother-f**ker, I'm not trying to be in the music business, so I will knock you out," the star recalled. "He freaked out and left".

The singer also took aim at "all the boyfriends and brothers", who let Weinstein's alleged actions go unpunished.

"When all this happened I was like, 'Where are all the boyfriends and brothers who step in?,'" according to The Sun.

Morgan wasn't the only concerned boyfriend who threatened to harm Harvey - Brad Pitt reportedly confronted him about his behaviour around his now-ex Gwyneth Paltrow.

More than 90 women, including several A-listers, have now accused disgraced Weinstein of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault.

The movie mogul maintains he never had non-consensual sex with any woman.

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