Mindy Kaling Was Exercising Right Up Until the Birth of Baby Girl

The 'A Wrinkle in Time' star shares that she always worked out, like doing a lot of yoga and walking, whenever she could while she was pregnant.

AceShowbiz - Actress and comedienne Mindy Kaling was working out right up until she gave birth, because she didn't think she'd be able to lose a lot of extra baby weight.

The 38-year-old "A Wrinkle in Time" star welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Katherine, in December 2017, and admits she was exercising right up until the morning she went into labour.

"Because I like to eat, and I'm not skinny to start with, I knew that if I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy, things could just fly off the rails in a really bad way...," she tells Shape magazine, "so I kept my weight gain to about 27 pounds."

"I also worked out whenever I could while I was pregnant. I did a lot of yoga and a lot of walking, and I jogged until I couldn't jog anymore. I exercised until the morning I gave birth."

As a result, Mindy is a happy and healthy new mom, and even her daughter seems to be happy with her.

"She is a really happy baby," the actress adds. "When she was born, she was kind of skinny and anxious. I think she was like, 'Can this woman take care of me?' But during our many breastfeeding sessions, we've gotten to know each other, and she's learned to trust me over time..."

"It hits me all the time that I have somebody at home who not just wants to see me but needs to see me. That's incredibly rewarding. When someone needs you all the time, and they also kind of look like you, it's a really nice feeling," she continues.

And Kaling hopes that continues as Katherine gets older, "I want my daughter to be proud of what I do. I want her to brag about me to her friends," she beams.

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