Sean Pertwee Reveals Struggles Coping With His Late Dad's Popularity on 'Doctor Who'
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The 'Gotham' star admits Jon Pertwee's popularity made him feel his late dad 'spent more time with people he met in the street than he did with his kids.'

AceShowbiz - Sean Pertwee hated the idea his dad was "Doctor Who" when he was a kid. The "Gotham" star admits he had no concept of how big his late father Jon was while he played the TV time traveler from 1970 to 1983, but he didn't like sharing him with the world.

"It was a very interesting experience, because I wasn't fully aware of the magnitude of being 'Doctor Who', because in those days there were only three channels in our country and 14 or 15 million people every Saturday, including our Queen, used to sit down and watch the show," Sean tells Harry Connick Jr.

"I went to a massive public school... and it was a real eye opener, because you suddenly realize the affect he (dad) had on so many people's lives," he added. "When you walked down the street with him... it felt, as a child, that he spent more time with people he met in the street than he did with his kids."

Jon Pertwee, who also played scarecrow Worzel Gummidge on TV in the U.K. and provided the voice of Spotty in hit children's show "Superted", died in 1996.

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