Janelle Monae Says She's Mass Producing Her Vagina Trousers

'I'm so tickled and honoured that people are talking about the Pynk pants,' the 'Hidden Figures' actress says.

AceShowbiz - Janelle Monae says fans may soon be able to buy a pair of her famous vagina trousers. The singer wore the statement outfit in the music video for her new song "Pynk", and the pink puffy pants have attracted considerable attention since the footage debuted last month. Given how popular the trousers have proved to be with her fans, Janelle is now hoping to mass produce them.

"We may be working on that," the 32-year-old said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine during a recent YouTube event celebrating her new album "Dirty Computer". "I'm so tickled and honoured that people are talking about the Pynk pants, I think that it's so cool to have discussions around women's issues and women's bodies, I think it's amazing."

The "We Are Young" vocalist pointed out that not all of the dancers in the video were asked to wear the eye-catching garment, as she doesn't believe "all women need to possess a vagina to be a woman" and "wanted 'Pynk' to be a celebration of women who are unique, distinct, different."

She went on to share that she feels "very thankful for all the support" she received after her recent comments regarding her sexuality. Janelle explained in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine that she identifies as pansexual and is therefore attracted to people regardless of their biological sex or gender identity. She is also pleased to hear that her new music, which has been praised by the critics, is "resonating with the people it was intended to."

"It was important for me with this album to pick who I was not afraid to p**s off or lose in this process, who I wanted to celebrate," Janelle explained. "I chose to celebrate dirty computers, I chose to celebrate my LGBTQI brothers and sisters, minorities, women, immigrants, those who are marginalised in this society."

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