50 Cent Laughs Off This Rapper's Threat Video

Instead of being worried after watching the clip, the 'In da Club' rapper takes to Instagram to make fun of Hell Rell.

AceShowbiz - Hip-hop star 50 Cent has laughed off a threatening video message from rapper Hell Rell. The Diplomats (popularly known as Dipset) member took issue with the "In Da Club" hitmaker on Sunday, April 29 after 50 posted old footage of Hell Rell getting robbed while dining out with his family back in February.

"Oh hell no, l been missing all of this LOL (laugh out loud)," 50 captioned the Instagram video, poking fun at his rap rival's misfortune. Hell Rell responded by firing back in an Instagram Live post, in which he filmed himself apparently brandishing a weapon.

👀oh hell no, l been missing all of this LOL 🤨😡get the strap.

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"I went and got the f**kin' strap [gun], alright?" he growled, warning 50 not to test his patience after mourning the deaths of a number of loved ones in recent months. "I lost my motherf***in' mother, lost my daddy, lost my grandmother...," he continued. "I'm on edge, man. Don't push me."

However, 50 failed to take heed of the message and continued to troll Hell Rell online, taunting him over the video threat.

"Breaking News: Rell post this now, said he gonna give n****s a work out...," 50 captioned a new post, appearing to show Hell Rell from the back, holding up the firearm. "l don't know if l believe him..."

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