Lucy Liu to Showcase Paintings and Sculptures at Art Show in Singapore

The 'Charlie's Angels' star says that 'it's going to be a compilation of my work and a bunch of new paintings.'

AceShowbiz - Lucy Liu is set to show off her artistic skills at a show in Singapore later this year. The "Charlie's Angels" star counts painting as one of her many talents and she will showcase her work in the autumn.

"I've never been there, I'm really excited," she told "Live with Kelly and Ryan]" on Monday, April 30. "I've got some paintings and sculptures and I've done some woven work too. So it's going to be a compilation of my work and a bunch of new paintings that I did more recently, like large paintings."

Liu has also been expanding her resume behind the camera by directing episodes of TV shows including "Luke Cage" and her hit series "Elementary", and she revealed she "loves" taking charge of a set.

"I really enjoy it," she added. "It's so different (from acting). It sort of exercises a different part of you. It's very physical... and you have to be kind of connected to everyone..."

However, she does not like to direct herself.

"(It's hard) because what I need to do is learn all the lines beforehand..." she said.

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