Watch: 'Scandal' Star Joshua Malina Pranked by Co-Stars on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

In the latest episode of the late night show, the actor's co-stars tricked him into believing into believing that he had caused an older woman to experience heart attack.

AceShowbiz - Joshua Malina's "Scandal" co-stars got their revenge on the actor after they tricked him into believing he had scared a woman into a heart attack. They recently hatched the plan with a little help from U.S. late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

In the Thursday, April 19 episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", Malina and castmate Katie Lowes were shown in a pre-recorded clip visiting some "Scandal" fans at their home, much like co-stars Tony Goldwyn and Joe Morton did on U.S. breakfast show "Good Morning America" recently.

Malina believed he was making the visit for the breakfast show, but the segment was actually set up by Kimmel and his "Scandal" stars, with actors posing as the family of fans. In the promo, the 52-year-old is seen letting off a confetti canon when he walks into the house, apparently causing an older woman to begin experiencing chest pains.

An ambulance is then called while Malina goes into panic mode over the supposed medical emergency, but the elaborate prank was revealed when Kimmel showed up in place of the emergency medical technicians, much to Malina's surprise. "That is the worst thing anyone has even done to me, but I can't say I didn't have it coming!" he quipped.

The interview aired shortly after Scandal's seventh and final series wrapped on U.S. TV.

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