Syfy's 'The Purge' TV Adaptation Casts Three More Series Regulars
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Joining the cast for the small screen adaptation of James DeMonaco's horror movies are Lili Simmons, Hannah Emily Anderson and Lee Tergensen.

AceShowbiz - "The Purge" TV series is slowly taking shape. The upcoming Syfy and USA Network series, which is a spin-off to James DeMonaco's successful film franchise, has added three more actors as series regulars. Joining the cast are Lili Simmons, Hannah Emily Anderson and Lee Tergensen.

Simmons, whose credit includes "Ray Donovan", is tapped to play Lila. The character is described as "a young, rich and rebellious woman who refuses to fit in with the pro-Purge socialite crowd. Her confidence and charm mask a vulnerability that will be exposed as she attempts to deal with unfinished business before the sun rises."

Meanwhile, Anderson ("The New Mutants") will be playing a character named Jenna. She is "an anti-Purge and devoted to charitable causes, who is accustomed to locking down on Purge Night. Her choice to venture out for the first time leads to an encounter with violence that forces her to deal with deep truths about herself and her marriage."

Tergensen ("Oz") will portray Joe, an armored, masked, and seemingly ordinary man. He drives through town and intervenes acts of Purge violence while listening to the taped lectures of a motivational life coach.

The trio will be joining the previously-announced cast, including Gabriel Chavarria, Jessica Garza, Amanda Warren and Colin Woodell. Chavarria and Garza are set to play a brother and sister who are caught up in a "Purge-worshipping cult."

Hailing from indie studio Blumhouse Television and Universal Cable Productions, the new series will be offering a new take on "The Purge" movie series which is about the one day each year when murder and mayhem is legalized.

Movie creator DeMonaco oversees the TV series. In addition, he will be serving as executive producer alongside long-time partner Sebastien K. Lemercier. Anthony Hemingway is tapped to serve behind the lens, while Thomas Kelly is on board as executive producer/showrunner.

"The Purge" TV series reportedly is scheduled to be released close to the release of the movie's next installment "The First Purge" in July.

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