Kesha Helps a Lesbian Couple Get Married in 'I Need a Woman' Music Video

The six-minute visuals documents how the 'Die Young' songstress helped marry a real-life lesbian couple, Dani and Lindsay, in Las Vegas on March 26.

AceShowbiz - Kesha's (previously known as Ke$ha) latest music video turns out to be a documentary clip. Released on Monday, April 9, the music video for "I Need a Woman" features the songstress officiating a same-sex wedding in Las Vegas.

The nearly six-minute visuals documents a real lesbian couple, Dani and Lindsay, as they embarked on something that they thought they would never be able to do: get married. But thanks to Kesha, they were able to do it on March 26. "This will be my third same-sex marriage," Kesha said in the video. "I'm just gonna assume that this will go according to plan."

"The fact that I would just play a show, and there would be two people there who I've never met, and now I'm marrying them today," she continued, tearing up. "It's just kind of a head f**k, but it's amazing."

Dani and Lindsay also recalled the moment when the songstress officiated their wedding, saying, "She was performing, and she had her whole rainbow flag as a cape and rainbow outfit, and she said something like, the protesters are out there, but in here it's all love."

"I think it's really cool that the new generation is going to grow up where it's not a big deal to have two dads or two moms," Lindsay noted, as Dani added, "I mean that's the dream." She continued, "That one day, young people don't have to come out. That the options are there, and the stories are told. They're worthy of love and they'll be able to find love too."

"I Need a Woman" is one of the songs on the compilation album "Universal Love". The song is a reimagining of Janis Joplin's classic rock song "I Need a Man to Love", but with gender-switched pronouns.

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