New 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Set Photo Reveals the Team's New Costumes

The young mutants suit up in outfits that are more accurate with the comic books in the 'New X-Men' era.

AceShowbiz - The young mutants are getting new costumes in "X-Men: Dark Phoenix". A new set photo from the next installment of the superhero film franchise reveals the updated suits, which will make comic book fans more excited about the movie.

In the picture, Cyclops (%cTye Sheridan%), Jean Grey (%cSophie Turner%), Quicksilver (%cEvan Peters%), Storm (%cAlexandra Shipp%), Nightcrawler (%cKodi Smit-McPhee%) and Beast (%cNicholas Hoult%) are seen wearing the outfits which are predominately blue with matching yellow X's forming over the chest area. The suits are similar to the ones seen in the comics, during 2000's "New X-Men" run.

Other characters, one with the bald head is likely Charles Xavier (%cJames McAvoy%), are also seen wearing bright orange suits. %cJennifer Lawrence%'s Mystique is also spotted on the set, but she's not wearing a costume like the other young mutants, perhaps because hers will be added with GCI.

"Dark Phoenix" picks up about ten years after the events of "X-Men: Apocalypse" and finds the X-Men dealing with being heroes, something that fuels Professor X's ego. After he sends the team on more dangerous missions, Jean Grey ends up going to some very dark places after an evil force is awakened within her.

Turner previously told Empire about her character's twisted storyline, "It's about duality, darkness and light, this sense of her being a completely other person and struggling with that..."

Simon Kinberg serves behind the lens and penned the script. He also executive produces the movie along with Lauren Shuler Donner, Bryan Singer and Hutch Parker. Also seeing the return of %cMichael Fassbender% as Magneto and %cOlivia Munn% as Psylocke, the movie adds %cJessica Chastain%, %cDaniel Cudmore% and %cLamar Johnson% to the cast. Chastain plays Lilandra, who is described as an alien with shape-shifting ability.

The movie is due out November 2 in the United States.

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