Fans Convinced Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn's Recent Outing Is a Promo for 'Delicate'

Fans believe that the couple's outing is meant to be a promotion for the song as Joe is seen sporting dark jeans and Nike sneakers, which are parts of the lyrics to the song.

AceShowbiz - %cTaylor Swift% and %cJoe Alwyn% recently made a rare public appearance as they were photographed enjoying a romantic hike in Malibu, California. While some fans are happy to see the two together, some others believe that their outing is meant to be a promotion for Taylor's "Delicate".

In some photos obtained by E! News, Joe was seen opting for a gray T-shirt and dark jeans during the outing. He completed his look with a pair of Nike sneakers. For your information, Taylor sings in the song, "Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you/ Oh damn, never seen that color blue/ Just think of the fun things we could do/ 'Cause I like you."

Fans are more convinced that their outing is a promotion for the song as the visuals for "Delicate" will be released soon. "taylor promoting delicate by hiking and Joe wearing dark jeans and nikes is probably the best thing happened in this era," one fan notes.

"I refuse to believe this isn't Delicate promo," one other says, to which another fan responds, "Dark jeans... and he's Nike's. Look at him. It's promo and I love it." Another fan replies to the tweet, "ik lmao same. Like she suddenly appears after months out of nowhere how is everyone NOT suspicious? Plus... 'dark jeans and your nikes, look at you' ...and whats Joe wearing lmao?"

One fan, meanwhile, jokingly tweets, "She's done so much promo for delicate having Joe wear dark jeans and Nike's she's exhausted now." Another notes, "By the looks of it Joe doesn't go on hikes often so him wearing dark jeans and Nike's is the only way to promote delicate with out promoting delicate."

The music video for "Delicate" will be premiered at iHeartRadio Music Awards, which will took place at The Forum in Los Angeles on March 11. %cDJ Khaled% and %cHailey Baldwin% are tapped to host the award show.

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