Oscars 2018: Inside Jennifer Lawrence's Wild Night at the Ceremony

The 'Red Sparrow' actress is caught climbing over seats despite wearing a glamorous dress, while holding a glass of wine inside the venue.

AceShowbiz - Not winning any award or being nominated at the 2018 Academy Awards didn't stop %cJennifer Lawrence% from having a good night. The winner of Best Actress at the 2013 Oscars clearly had her spirit high at the Sunday, March 4 ceremony which took place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

The 27-year-old star was caught on camera climbing over chairs inside the venue despite wearing a luxurious gold gown. She pulled up her floor-length dress with one hand and held a glass of wine in another, as she showed off her shoes to people in a row behind.

The "Red Sparrow" actress was seen chatting with and hugging everyone she met in the room, including movie veteran %cMeryl Streep%, while still holding her wine glass. At one point, she was seen fixing her dress strap which fell off her shoulder.

It's not long until Lawrence caught people's attention with her antics. Twitter users have commented on her wild moments at the award show, with one writing, "Everybody loves Jennifer Lawrence#Oscars." Another gushed, "Jennifer Lawrence is my spirit animal. #oscars."

It's "peak Jennifer Lawrence," another commented on the photos that have circulated online. Another quipped, "I vow to take on every new challenge in 2018 with the grace and poise of Jennifer Lawrence climbing over theater seats with a full glass of wine at the Oscars tonight." One other similarly commented, "Jennifer Lawrence is all of us as she attempts not to spill her wine while climbing over Oscars seats."

This isn't the first time the Katniss Everdeen of "The Hunger Games" film series stole attention at the Oscars. Back in 2013, she infamously slipped on the stairs on her way to the stage to collect her trophy for Best Actress in "Silver Linings Playbook".

The next year, she tripped on the red carpet. "It's not just every time I'm drunk, I turn into this 'Gail,' " she told %cEllen DeGeneres% on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" about her tumbles earlier this week. "It's a very specific drunk...I think she's some sort of, like, tortoise gambler or something. I don't always turn into this masculine alter-ego just to make my friends laugh."

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