'The Amazing Race' Recap: And the Winners Are...

Season 30 of the CBS show found its winners after the remaining three teams were given the last challenge which tested both physical endurance and mental strength.

AceShowbiz - "The Amazing Race" season 30 found its winners on the Wednesday, February 21 episode. The remaining four teams, including Jessica and Cody (Team Big Brother), Jen and Kristi (Team Extreme), Henry and Evan (Team Yale), and Alex and Conor (The Indy Boys), flew from Thailand to Hongkong and completed various missions in hopes of winning the coveted $1 million prize.

Henry and Evan were required to complete a Speed Bump at the first stop in Hong Kong as the punishment for being in the last place last week. The Indy Boys managed to get the clue first with Team Big Brother following shortly after. While Team Yale was finishing their Speed Bump Challenge which saw them lighting and hanging 40 Chinese lanterns, Jen and Kristi also found the clue.

Later at the Detour, the teams needed to either wrap up 50 live crabs in the correct fashion in the middle of a rain storm, or take a food order at a restaurant in Cantonese. And then relay the order to their partner who waited in the kitchen. They needed to execute the order correctly to be given the clue. All teams but Team Yale opted for the crab challenge and the struggle was real. Team Yale was put in advantage since Henry speaks a bit of Mandarin.

After completing the Detour correctly on their first try, Team Yale escalated to the first place with The Indy Boys following them in the second place. Team Big Brother nabbed the third place, while Kristi and Jen were in the last place. Team Yale maintained their position after they finished the Road Block, in which they needed to use a bat to destroy a pile of old electronics, first.

Conor finished not far behind, while Cody later completed the challenge without much trouble. However, Kristi had a tough time. Her arms were in pain after continuously beating the stuff up.

The next race saw the teams looking for specific signs in a busy area. The signs were later arranged in order of what leg of the race they represented and used the numbers to unlock a briefcase, which contained the location of this leg's pit stop.

Again, Team Yale led the game and reached the Mat first. The second to finish the challenge were Kristi and Jen. They were later followed by Cody and Jessica, which meant that Alex and Conor were eliminated before the final leg.

The remaining three teams headed back to the States, San Francisco, for the next leg. They were asked to kayak through water and find three baseballs with the numbers of Willie Mays' career home runs (660). Team Extreme found out the numbers after asking a pedestrian.

The next was the Road Block: The Ascension & The Abyss. Team members were required to ascend to the top of a 20 story anchorage before falling free into the pitch black below. Kristi, Cody and Evan were up for the Road Block. Cody took the first place, while Kristi finished second.

Each team member later had to put together 51 of the treats in a Fortune Cookie factory. While Team Extreme cruised through, Team Big Brother struggled to complete the mission. On the other hand, Team Yale, who finished last at the Road Block, was about to catch things up while the other two teams were about halfway through. Kristi and Jen came in the first place with Cody and Jessica following next. Henry and Evan completed the mission last.

The final mat was located at the USS Hornet, but before that, the teams had to compete in "the season's most difficult test of both physical endurance and mental strength." They had to search seven decks of the massive ship for 12 parts which later were used to form a plane. Going up for the challenge, which tested both physical endurance and mental strength, were Jessica, Jen and Henry. The first team to finish and race across the ship to the mat will win the race.

Jessica and Jen were first leading the game until Henry caught up. Henry once had his puzzle put together perfectly but later changed it before getting checked. Eventually, Jessica's plane was the first one to be ready for takeoff, leading her and Cody to win the competition and bring home the big prize. Finishing in second place were Henry and Evan, while Kristi and Jen were the third-place finisher.

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