'Quantico' Star Russell Tovey Engaged to Rugby Player Boyfriend Steve Brockman

The 'Looking' actor says he was surprised by the 'completely unexpected' proposal, but is 'very very happy' to be engaged to his boyfriend.

AceShowbiz - %cRussell Tovey% is engaged to get married to his boyfriend Steve Brockman. The 36-year-old British actor has confirmed his engagement to the former Kings Cross Steelers rugby player after a "completely unexpected" proposal.

The Harry Doyle of ABC's series "Quantico" gushed to Daily Mail about his feelings to be engaged, "Completely unexpected but very very happy and looking forward to having a proper party to celebrate when back in London." He was "over the moon" to be sharing the happy news.

Russell first hinted at a romance "inside the industry" in November 2016, saying that it was still "early days" in his relationship. Steve, who moved to the U.S. to be with the actor in 2017, reportedly has changed professions to become a rugby coach since following his other half to the States.

Back in July, a source told The Sun that the couple was getting serious. "Russell has never flaunted his romances but behind closed doors he is infatuated," the source dished.

Russell previously shared his stance on marriage, telling London's Evening Standard, "Totally, 100 per cent I will do it, when the time is right." On children, he said, "Yeah, all of it," adding, "But I've got my dog at the minute - he-s my everything, my sun and my moon and my mate."

Russell came out as a gay when he was 18 but it wasn't until he was 30 years old that he began to take on homosexual acting roles. "It wasn't a conscious decision," he told The Guardian in 2017. "And it was only the other day that I realized it had been important somehow."

He went on sharing, "For so long, as a young actor, I had this anxiety about making sure I could get straight roles, and now I know that's not necessary. The gay roles are the best for me. Being gay has made my career."

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