New 'Ready Player One' Trailer Takes You to Steven Spielberg's World of 'Pure Imagination'

In addition to showing the OASIS, a VR escape from the dystopian hell of 2045, the newly-released trailer of the upcoming sci-fi movie offers more details about a war over the OASIS' future.

AceShowbiz - Warner Bros. Pictures has released a mesmerizing new trailer for Steven Spielberg's upcoming sci-fi film "Ready Player One". Titled "Come With Me", the nearly two-minute trailer is set to a cover of "Pure Imagination" from "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory", which is a fitting pair for a movie about entering a fully immersive video game.

Like the previous trailers, the newly-released video introduces protagonist Wade Watts, played by %cTye Sheridan%, and the OASIS, a VR escape from the dystopian hell of 2045. "It's a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination," he promises. In this particular video, there are more details about a war over the OASIS' future, with the characters fighting in both the virtual and real worlds.

"Ready Player One" is set in the year 2045, where much of Earth's population centers have become slum-like cities due to overpopulation, pollution, corruption and climate change. To escape their desolation, people engage in the virtual reality world of the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation), where they can engage in numerous activities for work, education, and entertainment.

Wade Owen Watts is a teenager from Oklahoma City who frequents the OASIS and attempts to win "Anorak's Game", a game created by the recently-deceased creator of the OASIS, James Halliday, in search of its Easter Egg. The winner is to be granted full ownership of the OASIS and Halliday's $240 billion fortune.

While Wade works with several friends from the OASIS to discover Anorak's treasure, the corporate giant Innovative Online Industries (IOI) employs a number of players to try to discover the treasure first and seize control of OASIS for themselves.

The film is due out in theaters across the nation on March 30. Written by Zak Penn ("X-Men: The Last Stand", "The Incredible Hulk"), the sci-fi flick also stars %cOlivia Cooke%, %cBen Mendelsohn%, %cSimon Pegg%, %cT.J. Miller%, %cHannah John-Kamen%, %cLena Waithe%, %cLetitia Wright% and %cMark Rylance%.

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