Machine Gun Kelly Gets Over Bad Relationship in 'The Break Up' Music Video

The colorful visuals begins with the rapper having a phone conversation with his ex-girlfriend, talking about the issue of their relationship.

AceShowbiz - While everyone is celebrating Valentine's Day with their loved ones, %cMachine Gun Kelly% is going through a heartbreak. The 27-year-old rapper delivered a music video for "The Break Up" on February, 14.

Directed by Jordan Wozy, the visuals begins with MGK having a phone conversation with his ex-girlfriend, talking about the issues of their relationship. He also talks about the stresses he had to deal with when they were still together. "I wish that I loved you/ Or that I cared/ Or that I'd even give a damn if you were here," he raps. "But you've gone so it f**k you/ I'm a player/ I am everything that you wanted but you're scared."

MGK also sends his ex, played by model %cAlycia Bella%, a message saying that she should never contact him again. But after reading the message, Alycia simply throws it away. The colorful clip ends with the two linking up with their new lovers, forgetting about their previous relationship.

Besides releasing the music video, MGK also launches a new website called 1-800-The-Break-Up, which allows visitors to text relationship-ending message to their unfortunate lovers. The rapper provides some phrases such as "Wanna know a joke? Our relationship," "Wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You're single" and "I'm literally using a website to break up with you rn. This is not a joke."

"The Break Up" is one of the songs off the deluxe reissue of his third LP "Bloom", which was released last year. MGK first previewed the song at one of his shows in Europe, talking about the meaning behind the song.

He mentioned that he just went through first major breakup and realized that his ex-girlfriend "is just a b***h." Thus, it inspired him to write the track. It was rumored that the girlfriend whom he mentioned was %cHalsey%.

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