Smokepurpp and Travis Scott Hang Out With Zombie Strippers in Eerie 'Fingers Blue' Music Video

The White Trash Tyler-directed clip begins with the rapper duo riding around in a car before hanging out at Smoke's grandma's house.

AceShowbiz - After premiering "Fingers Blue" featuring %cTravis Scott (II)% last year, %cSmokepurpp% finally treated fans to a music video for the track on February 7. The release of the music video came just a day after the 20-year-old rapper shared on social media behind-the-scenes footage from the set.

The nearly-four-minute clip, which was directed by White Trash Tyler, kicks off with the rapper duo riding around in a car. Things take a turn for the worse when they arrive at Smoke's grandma's house, where the pair watch strippers on a VHS tape while smoking.

As they continue watching the tape, Smoke and Travis are transported to a room full of strippers. While Travis and Smoke are having fun with the strippers as the boys throw money at them, grandma is stirring a pot of blue liquid in the kitchen. It's obvious that she is up to something.

Towards the end of the music video, Smoke and Travis get strapped into their chairs as the strippers turn into zombie-like creatures, attacking the duo and suffocating them. The grandma, meanwhile, is looking at the mayhem with joy.

"Fingers Blue" is the first single that Smoke released since signing to Travis' label Cactus Jack Records. In a recent interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, Smoke revealed how he ended up signing a deal with the label.

He explained that he met Travis through Instagram before signing the deal, adding that he was the first artist at Travis' label. He also shared what he learned from Travis after working with him for a while.

"He has good energy and he puts out good energy -- performing, in his music, around him, everything," Smoke said before remarking that "Fingers Blue" was not the only collaborative track that they made. "From the first day I met him, we started making music. It ['Fingers Blue'] wasn't our first collab."

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