Heidi Montag Shows Breastfeeding Can Look Glamorous in New Photo

The former 'The Hills' star breastfeeds baby Gunner Pratt while surrounded by her pet dogs in the new photo she shares on Instagram.

AceShowbiz - %cHeidi Montag% shows motherhood can look glamorous, too. The former reality TV star is enjoying her new role as a mother and she's documented it in a new photo she shared on Instagram on Friday, January 26.

In the image, Heidi wears a bohemian-inspired dress while breastfeeding her 3-month-old son, Gunner Pratt. She sits comfortably on a couch while the baby sleeps soundly in her cradle with a cushion as support. Her four cute pet dogs also appear in the picture.

"The greatest joy and blessing in my life. My angel has taken me to a completely new and powerful experience. More love than I could have possibly imagined! I love, support, and appreciate women more than I ever have before. The strength and heart it takes every day. It has been more rewarding than I could have dreamed. God truly had made women to be extraordinary," she captioned the snap, before giving a shout-out to the photographer, "Thank you for capturing this majestic moment @ivetteivens."

Gunner is Heidi and %cSpencer Pratt%'s first child. They welcomed their son on October 1, after nearly a decade of marriage. They eloped in 2009 after dating while they were filming MTV's reality series "The Hills".

Speaking about the baby's sports-inspired name, Spencer told Us Weekly, "He'll probably be a pitcher, so when Gunner steps to the mound, he's going to be gunning those throws down home plate. If he wants to be a skier, he's going to be gunning down those moguls. It just applies to a lot of sports."

The 34-year-old former reality star joked about training his son to be an athlete, "You're not a good parent if you're not trying to get your son set up to potentially get a $250 million gig. If doctors were getting paid $250 million, we'd hit the books hard, but currently that's not the reality."

Still speaking about his son's future in sports, he said, "Probably baseball, a left-handed pitcher. I only want him to work a few days for $30 million or so. As cool as NFL quarterback would be, it would just be hard for me to watch people smash my son and not run onto the field and smash them."

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