Piers Morgan in Twitter 'Spat' With Susanna Reid Over His 'Sexist' Comments Toward Emily Ratajkowski

The 52-year-old journalist's 'Good Morning Britain' co-host comes to the 'Blurred Lines' babe's defense after he slammed the model over her 'semi-naked' Love's campaign.

AceShowbiz - Piers Morgan has engaged in yet another Twitter "spat." The 52-year-old journalist entered a war of words with his "Good Morning Britain" co-host, Susanna Reid, on Tuesday night, December 19 as she appeared to be defending Emily Ratajkowski after he slammed the model over her "semi-naked" Love's campaign.

Piers first urged his female followers to read his Daily Mail column which headline read, "She might look better doing it but 'feminist' Emily writhing around naked in spaghetti no more empowers women than if I stripped off for a live-streamed linguine shower." Responding to the tweet, Susanna came to Emily's defense, saying that it's perfectly fine for the model to promote feminism this way.

In response, Piers asked his co-host if writhing in spaghetti was empowering to women. Susanna replied, "I think her message: women's bodies, however overtly they choose to express their sexuality, are their own - is a feminist one."

"Of course women's bodies are their own," Piers said. "But writhing semi-naked in spaghetti, then posting the images on social media, is objectifying women not liberating them," he noted, insisting that what Emily had done was "the complete opposite of feminism."

"And - as we've seen in recent months - too many people need reminding of that first statement. This is her memorandum," Susanna then said, to which Piers responded, "Ah yes, because writhing semi-naked in spaghetti will definitely remind men not to treat women as sex objects! Good grief, you can't seriously believe this guff?"

"THAT'S HER POINT," she replied, saying that Emily "can be sexy - but that doesn't give men (or women) licence to do anything other than think she's sexy." He then said, "Oh pur-lease. If writhing semi-naked in spaghetti promotes feminism, then I'm an Aardvark," before ending their their arguments by saying, "See you at 5.30am."

But everything between Piers and his "GMB" co-host seems to be back to normal now, as she said she's "quite enjoyed it" when one of her follower told her, "Honestly, what a waste of an evening you 2 have had." Susanna also wished Piers a "Happy Christmas," sharing a close-up photo of him holding a mug.

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