Lil Uzi Vert Tied Down to a Tree in Music Video for 'The Way Life Goes' Remix Ft. Nicki Minaj

At one point, the 'Money Longer' rapper is seen being suffocated to death by a young woman in the nearly-five minute clip.

AceShowbiz - In early November, %cLil Uzi Vert% released the official remix of his hit track "The Way Life Goes" featuring %cNicki Minaj%. Following the release, the rapper unveiled the music video for the track on December 4.

The DAPS-directed music video opens with Lil Uzi being tied down to a tree in a forest, looking exhausted. He is also seen being guarded by a big, mean dog in the clip. At one point, a young woman approaches the rapper, who sports a black hoodie with the word "friends" on it, and suffocates him with a plastic bag. After that, she digs up a grave to bury Lil Uzi.

Nicki also makes an appearance in the nearly-five-minute clip. Rocking a green, low cut bodysuit, the raptress delivers her lines while displaying sexy poses at a cabin. "Now you beggin' this a doozy/ But beggars cannot be choozy/ Been the queen for eight summers," she raps. "Givin' them bars since the teens/ I ain't going' back to juvie/ I am Nicki Yamaguchi/ 'Cause I skate with the ice."

The original version of the track is featured on Lil Uzi's hit album "Luv Is Rage 2", which was released on August 25 and debuted atop Billboard 200. In October, the album was certified gold by RIAA after racking up 500,000 equivalent album units. Knowing the success of the album, the "Money Longer" rapper released a deluxe version of the album in November with new four songs on it. They are "Skir Skirr", "Loaded", "Diamonds All on My Wrist" and "20 Min."

Talking about his fame and success, Lil Uzi admitted that he felt pressured about it. "I mean, with the fame, what I really don't like is, I always feel like I'm getting pressed," he told XXL. "Pressed by my fans, that's the only thing they don't.. You know how they don't read body language? All they see is you. All they see is my green hair or whatever color hair I got this month."

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