'Incredibles 2' Debuts New Teaser Trailer

It's been 13 years since the first film was released, and Disney-Pixar finally releases a teaser trailer for the long-awaited sequel to 'The Incredibles'.

AceShowbiz - Disney-Pixar released a new teaser trailer of "Incredibles 2" on Saturday, November 18, much to Pixar fans' delight. Fans have been waiting patiently for 13 years since the superhuman family fought Syndrome and his robots to save Metroville city. The studio rewarded their patience by sharing the approximately one-minute footage about the Incredible family, particularly the youngest member, Jack-Jack.

In "The Incredibles", Jack-Jack showed his abilities such as levitating, going through walls and turning himself into a living flame to his babysitter. In the second teaser trailer of "Incredibles 2", Jack-Jack is testing his new ability, which is shooting out green laser beam from his eyes. He uses this ability to make the film's logo.

The scene is followed by proud dad Bob holding his youngest son high. "You have powers!" Bob exclaims before Jack-Jack sneezes, bursting out his super powers, and burns his dad's hair with his laser eyes. Bob looks visibly upset with his hair loss, only to be laughed at by his son.

Mr. Incredible is proud and happy here because in the first film, Parr family had always thought that little Jack-Jack was powerless. It was revealed in the end that their youngest member of the family actually posses multitude of powers.

The teaser trailer doesn't give away much about the movie, but it looks like the sequel will take place after the first film. The animation studio also stated at D23 Expo that the next installment would focus on Mr. Incredible's wife. The story probably revolves around Elastigirl running around to save the world while her husband will be at home watching the baby. A piece of good news for feminists all over the world.

Director Brad Bird is back to helm the animated film. The music composition may be done by Michael Giacchino again, for his iconic theme returns in the trailer. %cCraig T. Nelson% reprises his role of Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr, %cHolly Hunter% is back to voice Elastigirl/Helen Parr, %cSamuel L. Jackson% will play Frozone/Lucius Best, %cSarah Vowell% voices the invisible daugter, Violet, and %cHuck Milner% will replace %cSpencer Fox% as Dash. Fashion genius Edna Mode will also make an appearance, and she will be voiced by director Bird once again.

"Incredibles 2" was originally planned for 2019 release, but the schedule was switched with "Toy Story 4". The superhero family film will hit U.S. theaters on June 15, 2018.

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