Ben Affleck Is Unsure About His Batman Future After 'Justice League'

Batman's current portrayer Ben Affleck doesn't seem to be sure about continuing his role as the black-caped hero after 'Justice League'.

AceShowbiz - It appears that %cBen Affleck% has become a master of not answering direct questions. The actor gave an unclear sign about whether or not he's done playing the masked, caped hero. Affleck seemed to be noncommittal when he was asked if he would play Batman four times in total, having "Justice League" as his third time in character after "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad".

During an interview with ExtraTV alongside "Justice League" co-stars %cRay Fisher% and %cJason Momoa%, Affleck expressed his desire to host "Saturday Night Live", which he has done five times. The actor then briefly discussed how many Batman appearances he has left. However, when the interviewer asked him if he might play Batman five times as the rumor said, Affleck was evasive. "I don't know about that. We'll see what the future holds," he replied.

It should be noted that his initial casting as Batman was criticized by fans. But after the backlash, most fans agreed that Affleck's performance in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" was outstanding and it could promise a brighter future for DC Films. The fans' opinion, however, is not the same as the film's profit and reception. The reason of Affleck's uncertainty may be fueled by the reaction to the upcoming "Justice League". If the film is once again a critical flop, as some have predicted, then the actor may leave DC Universe for good. But even so, he can always go back to be the mysterious, caped hero, especially if the film proves to be successful and films by DC get a better reputation in the future.

The actor's tentativeness, which has been an ongoing issue, will definitely trigger rumors of his replacement in Matt Reeves' "The Batman". Reeves and Affleck have been appreciative to each other without actually confirming their collaborative work on the upcoming Batman solo film. Nevertheless, Affleck's Dark Knight plays a huge part in Warner Bros.' "Justice League", where he recruits Cyborg (Fisher), The Flash (%cEzra Miller%) and Aquaman (Momoa) to fight alongside Wonder Woman (%cGal Gadot%) and himself to defeat the villain, Steppenwolf (%cCiaran Hinds%).

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