Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Spotted During Wedding Rehearsal, Celebrity Guests Arriving

Joong Ki, wearing a dark suit, and Hye Kyo, in a classic white gown, are all smiles as they rehearse their nuptials, while the likes of Yoo Ah In and Zhang Zi Yi have been spotted at the venue.

AceShowbiz - Just hours before their highly-anticipated wedding, %cSong Joong Ki% and %cSong Hye Kyo% were spotted at their wedding rehearsal. The couple smiled brightly as they rehearsed the ceremony at Shilla Hotel in Seoul on Tuesday, October 31.

Joong Ki looked handsome in a black tux. He was seen holding a little boy, who is probably his nephew, before a woman took the boy. Hye Kyo, meanwhile, looked beautiful in a classic white gown. She wore a simple veil and her hair was arranged in an updo.

They were also seen posing next to each other, joined by their family members. At one point, the soon-to-be husband and wife appeared to be joking as Hye Kyo pointed her finger to Joong Ki.

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It's unclear though if Hye Kyo will wear the same dress at the actual wedding.

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Meanwhile, celebrity guests have begun arriving at the venue. Among those who arrived early were %cYoo Ah In% and %cZhang Zi Yi%. Ah In has an important role at the wedding, as he's set to express his well wishes to the couple by reading his heartfelt letter during the ceremony.

Other stars confirmed to attend the wedding are Joong Ki's close friends %cLee Kwang Soo% and %cPark Bo Gum%. Kwang Soo will read a personal and touching letter for his former "Running Man" co-star, while Bo Gum will congratulate the couple by playing music on the piano. Hye Kyo's close friend %cOk Joo Hyun% will be singing at the wedding.

The couple also invited their "Descendants of the Sun" co-stars %cKim Ji Won%, %cJin Goo% and %cKim Min Seok% and writer Kim Eun Sook.

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