Claire Foy Defends Adam Sandler After He's Slammed for Repeatedly Touching Her Knee

While people are enraged by what the 'Bedtime Stories' did to the 'Wolf Hall' actress on TV, Claire states that it has caused no offense to her.

AceShowbiz - %cAdam Sandler% was criticized for repeatedly touching %cClaire Foy%'s knee during an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", which was aired on October 27. People were enraged as they thought that the "Wolf Hall" star looked uncomfortable with his gesture.

"The Ridiculous Six" actor was talking about being nominated at the 2003 Golden Globe Awards while obliviously placing his hand on the actress' knee. Claire quickly brushed his hand away before Adam placed it on her knee again.

Viewers of the show were enraged by his gesture and they took to Twitter to vent their anger towards the 51-year-old actor, saying that he had no social awareness. A Twitter user wrote, "Adam Sandler has no social awareness of how awkward he seemed to be making %cEmma Thompson% and Claire Foy."

Another user expressed his/her annoyance by calling Adam "an entitled creep." He/she wrote, "Adam Sandler acted like an entitled creep. You would think after his hand politely removed once, he would have got the message."

Following the controversy, Claire has spoken up about the incident through a representative. She stated that she wasn't offended by what Adam did to her on the show. "We don't believe anything was intended by Adam's gesture and it has caused no offense to Claire," the representative said.

Adam has also responded to the critics via a representative. He said that the touching was merely a "friendly gesture" and that the viewers' response has blown the incident "out of proportion."

Also at the show, %cCara Delevingne% and Emma Thompson made their appearances. While Cara talked about getting caught staring at %cRihanna%'s breast, remarking that everyone would have done the same if they were her, Emma revealed that she once turned down a date with %cDonald Trump%. "I could have change the course of history [if she had accepted the date invitation]," she joked.

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