Taylor Swift Is a Nude Cyborg in Teaser for  '...Ready for It?' Sci-Fi Music Video

The 'Look What You Made Me Do' songstress reveals that the new music video will be released on Thursday, October 26.

AceShowbiz - %cTaylor Swift% released a 15-second preview for "...Ready for It?" music video on October 23. The video, which was posted thrice on her Instagram account, finds the "Blank Space" hitmaker wearing a nude bodysuit in one of the scenes.

The futuristic clip starts off with Taylor, wrapped up in a black hooded jacket, walking in a dark alley. The scene then switches to show the singer, now wearing an electrified nude bodysuit, lying on the ground, looking like a cyborg. Fans point out that the Grammy Award winner seems like %cScarlett Johansson%'s character in "Ghost in the Shell".

It also appears that Taylor plays two different characters, a cyborg and a human, for the music video. At the end of the clip, it seems the two Taylors are about to face each other as the cyborg Taylor destroys the glass that separates them, throwing the human Taylor. After that, viewers get to see the human Taylor fighting what looks like a bunch of aliens on stairs. Some words are written on the stairs, which read, "Burning all the witches." The teaser ends as the American singer/songwriter croons, "Are you ready for it?"

...Ready For It? Official Music Video out Thursday night. #ReadyForItMusicVideo

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Taylor also posted the teaser on YouTube, gaining a lot of attention from fans as they commented that they were so ready to watch the full music video. A fan wrote, "O.M.G!! I was sitting up looking at the preview like come on with that s**t bring it!! TS you go girl. I just know this video is going to be sweet!!"

"...Ready for It?" is one of the tracks from Taylor's upcoming album "Reputation", which is set to be released on November 10. The music video itself will be unveiled on Thursday, October 26.

Ahead of the album release, Taylor held another secret listening session for lucky fans on October 22 in her home in Los Angeles. There, she also managed to surprise her fans with the appearance of surprise guests. They were %cJack Antonoff%, %cAlana Haim% and %cRuby Rose%.

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