Who Is the Child on Taylor Swift's New Track 'Gorgeous'? Fans List 5 Potential Voices

Fans are speculating that the kid's voice at the beginning of the song may belong to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter James.

AceShowbiz - %cTaylor Swift% just released new track "Gorgeous" off her upcoming album, and fans have started interpreting what the song is about. While they already knew that the song is dedicated to the singer's beau %cJoe Alwyn%, they're still questioning one thing: Who is the kid in it?

The electro-pop song starts off with a child cooing, "Gorgeous," and fans are dying to know whose voice is that. A fan posted on her Tumblr account, expressing her curiosity about the kid. Taylor reblogged the post and replied that 300 people knew, which means that fans who attended her secret listening session knew it.

So far, fans have listed five potential kids, including %cBlake Lively% and %cRyan Reynolds%' daughter James Reynold, %cJaime King%'s son Leo Thames Newman and %cLily Aldridge%'s daughter Dixie Pearl Followill.

Many fans speculate that the kid is most likely James considering the fact that her parents liked Taylor's song teaser on Instagram, specifically the one with the kid's voice. They become more convinced since Taylor visited Blake after the "Gossip Girl" star gave birth to her second child, according to E! News.

A source revealed that the "Wildest Dream" songstress traveled to Pound Ridge, New York and spent three or four days with the couple. Taylor also visited the couple at the hospital shortly after Blake gave birth.

Another possibility is Jamie's son Leo. Being the godmother of the kid, Taylor doesn't take it lightly. She donated a generous amount of money to the hospital that saved Leo's life, as he was born with congenital heart defect and had to undergo a major surgery. Jamie said, "She's amazing. She's great! As she is with everybody around her."

What love looks like... LT and TS ♥️

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh Jaime King (@jaime_king) pada

Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge is a member of the singer's famous squad, so it's also plausible that she would let her daughter Dixie lend her voice for the track.

Other possibilities also include %cKanye West% and %cKim Kardashian%'s daughter North West and younger version of Taylor. Fans speculate that each track in "Reputation" correlates to a different Taylor in "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. Based on this theory, "Gorgeous" syncs up with VMAs Taylor, who got interrupted by Kanye during her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV VMAs.

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