Simon Cowell Reportedly to Ban Kids From 'America's Got Talent'

'[The] next season is going to be very different with new rules,' claims a source who says that the British producer is worried that 'AGT' is turning into a kiddie's talent show.

AceShowbiz - You may not see kids among "America's Got Talent" contestants in next year's season. The show's judge as well as executive producer Simon Cowell reportedly is considering to ban kids from the NBC show.

Naughty Gossip reveals that Simon is worried that "America's Got Talent" is turning into a kiddie's talent show, and the fact that this year's winner is 12-year-old singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne is not helping either. "This year the two finalists were children. Last year's winner [Grace VanderWaal] was a kid too. The fear is that next year no one older than 15 will even bother auditioning," the source says.

"The most talented adult in America doesn't stand a chance against a child with a homemade puppet. Now Simon is stepping in to fix the problem," the source continues. "It doesn't take anything away from the folks that have already won, but next season is going to be very different with new rules."

It remains to be seen how exactly the new season will be different. Previously, Simon said that what he loved about "America's Got Talent" is that there were no age limit. "There are no rules. I applaud the fact that you have paid your dues. You have such a great heart, such a great talent, this has been amazing yet again," said the British producer while gushing over season 12 contestant, a subway singer Mike Yung.

Season 12 of the show announced Darci as the winner . 10-singer-old singer Angelica Hale came out as the runner-up while Ukrainian dance troupe Light Balance took the third place. "I felt so loved during my 'AGT' journey by all the contestants, and all the staff, my friends and family, and everyone…and it just all came out!" Darci said after bringing home $1 million dollar. "They made me feel so good that they made me come on the stage. I was overcome with joy, and I was kind of shocked and delirious at that time, so I can't remember anything."

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