Director Darren Aronofsky Explains Why 'mother!' Gets F Grade: 'It's a Total Punch'

The director says that he is fine with the criticims because the Jennifer Lawrence-starring movie is aimed at provoking the audience.

AceShowbiz - Darren Aronofsky addressed criticims surrounding his controversial psychological horror film "mother!" after it received an infamous F grade on CinemaScore. "How, if you walk out of this movie, are you not going to give it an F? It's a punch. It's a total punch," the director told radio host John Horn in a recent interview.

"We always knew it was a strong cocktail," he added. "When I was trying to tell the history, or the story, of people on Mother Earth, I was like, 'Oh, the Bible could be a really kind of good blueprint to sort of hang all these stories.' Whatever you believe, it doesn't matter. But there's power in those stories because we can relate to them and they have different types of meanings for different types of people."

"We wanted to make a punk movie and come at you. And the reason I wanted to come is because I was very sad and I had a lot of anguish and I wanted to express it. Filmmaking is such a hard journey. People are constantly saying 'No' to you. And to wake up every morning and get out of bed and to face all those 'No's,' you have to be willing to really believe in something. And that's what I look for in my collaborators and what I pitched the actors."

The helmer continued, "So I wanted to howl. And this was my howl. And some people are not going to want to listen to it. That's cool," he said.

The movie sees a couple dealing with a strange group of visitors. It stars %cJennifer Lawrence%, %cJavier Bardem%, %cEd Harris%, %cMichelle Pfeiffer%, %cDomhnall Gleeson% and %cKristen Wiig%. It grossed around $25 million worldwide against a $30 million budget.

When it was premiered at Venice Film Festival, the movie was reportedly booed by the crowd. But J.Law just shrugged it off, "Our reviews are just cracking me up, people either love it or they absolutely hate it and I think that is so cool, there is not one person that has walked out."

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