Has Ivanka Trump Got Nose Job and Breast Augmentation? Find Out What Expert Says

Dr. Norman Rowe further reveals that 50 women have asked for the 'Ivanka look' since last summer and spend $45-50,000 for 'Permanent Ivanka,' which involved cheek implants and rhinoplasty.

AceShowbiz - Has Ivanka Trump surgically enhanced her appearance? Further fueling rumors claiming that the first daughter of President Donald Trump gets a nose job and breast augmentation done, Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York surgeon who has never treated Ivanka, states that she seemingly has had work done.

"It looks as though she has had either a rhinoplasty or a tip-plasty done to define her nose and balance it to the rest of her features. It also appears that she has had a breast augmentation done," Dr. Rowe explains to Life & Style. "Every woman wants to be a beautiful woman. Ivanka is not only beautiful. She is also a confident and successful woman, which makes women admire her more and desire her features."

It is said that surgeons are getting requests from patients who want to look like the fashion icon. "Most patients would need a rhinoplasty or tip-plasty to give [the nose] more definition. Ivanka's chin is defined and in proportion to the rest of her features," says Dr. Rowe. "Patients would need a chin implant or fillers to the chin to augment the chin. To achieve the look of her lips patients would need a filler like Vobella or Juvederm ultra to define and augment the lips."

Dr. Rowe also reveals to Page Six that about 50 women have asked for the "Ivanka look" since last summer, adding that it's been around "four a month; one a week." He further explained that patients can spend between $30-40,000 to achieve the look with temporary fillers and Botox, or $45-50,000 for what he calls the "Permanent Ivanka," which involved cheek implants and rhinoplasty.

When asked whether Donald's political views stop New York women from wanting to look like Ivanka, Dr. Rowe responds, "I don't think it plays a role in the least. I think it has to do with somebody who you respect the way they look, and I don't think it's anything to do with whether you're blue or red."

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