Watch Behind the Scenes of Yoona and Hong Jong Hyun's Kissing Scene on 'King in Love'

The Girls' Generation member and the 'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' actor couldn't stop giggling as they had to repeat their kissing scene several times.

AceShowbiz - The love triangle between Wang Won (Im %cSiwan%), Eun San (Im %cYoona%) and Wang Rin (%cHong Jong Hyun%) on "The King in Love" keeps heating up. In the latest episode of the historical drama, Rin kissed Eun San in front of Won to make the crown prince jealous.

Now, a newly released video takes fans behind the scenes of the filming of the kissing scene. Unlike in the final scene, the set video solely focuses on Eun San and Rin, without Won present. Yoona and Jong Hyun appeared to minimize the awkwardness prior to filming the scene by trading jokes and sharing a laugh.

Once the camera rolled, they showed their professionalism and got into character, but the crew made them laugh several times with their comments. Yoona and Jong Hyun also showed their closeness by fixing each other's hair. The director was finally pleased with the result after several takes.

"The King in Love" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at on MBC. The story centers on the love triangle between Wang Won and Wang Rin, who both fall in love with Eun San, whom they first met when they were still kids. As they grew up, the political intrigue and their family backgrounds complicate their once innocent friendship.

The production staff once talked about how the three stars' friendship helped the filming of the drama. "Just as their characters do in the drama, Im Siwan, YoonA, and Hong Jong Hyun also shared a special friendship on set. The three of them were all extremely personable, so since the very beginning of the shoot, they became very close. All three of them are quite funny and outgoing, so the laughter never stopped whenever there was a break," they said. "Their close chemistry seeped into the love triangle between the three characters as well."

After completing the TV series, Siwan has since begun his mandatory military service.

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