Dame Judi Dench Still Feels 'Desire', Hints at Active Sex Life at 82

The Oscar winner hinted that she enjoyed active sex life and revealed that she frequently visited 'lovely naughty knicker shop' despite her old age.

AceShowbiz - Dame %cJudi Dench% refuses to give up on love even though the death of her husband ultimately hit her like "a hammer." The actress has been back to the dating game again and recently admitted that she still feels desire at the age of 82.

"Well. Of course, you still feel desire. Does that ever go?" the "Skyfall" actress said, before telling mature couples, "To the older reader, I would say: 'Don't give up.' " She then showed her playful side as she revealed that she frequently visited a "lovely naughty knicker shop next door."

Judi is dating 74-year-old conservationist David Mills. They met when David invited her to open the squirrel sanctuary at his wildlife centre. However, she claimed that it was "too complicated" to refer to him as a boyfriend or a partner. "I don't know what the word is," she said. "I loathe 'partner'--I loathe all the words. I just say, 'This is David," and he says, 'This is Judi.' "

In addition, Judy ruled out the idea of getting married again. "He's not going to propose, No, no, no. Let's just pull ourselves together and be our age," she explained. "I have a jolly nice friend. I don't know what the word is because I don't like the word partner. Chap? Will chap do?"

Despite her new romance, the Oscar-winning actress admitted that she still grieved over her late husband %cMichael Williams%, who died from cancer at the age of 65. "I miss him but I talk a lot about him. Little things can still catch you unaware," she previously shared. "You can be laughing and quite suddenly it's as if somebody comes along with a hammer."

Judi is currently busy promoting her latest film "Victoria & Abdul", in which she plays Queen Victoria who begins a friendship with her Indian servant. She couldn't seem to stop gushing over her co-star %cAli Fazal% as she recently said, "He is very, very tall. He is extremely beautiful and he is an utterly delightful, charming man...and a good actor."

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