John Legend Is Seeking 'Out of Shape' Americans to Play Trump Supporters in Music Video

The 'Surefire' hitmaker is searching for some old, overweight actors to play the controversial president's supporters at a rally in the upcoming visuals.

AceShowbiz - It looks like %cJohn Legend% is preparing a new music video to show his stance against the current presidential administration. The "All of Me" singer is looking for old, overweight Americans to play %cDonald Trump%'s supporters in the upcoming clip, according to TMZ.

John has placed an advertisement on Casting Networks in Los Angeles, seeking "white men and women, 30-65 years old, preferably out of shape," who "will be playing protestors at a rally. We will shoot a make belief rally on a sound stage and will need 8 people to play Trump supporters."

Similar ads have also been placed by the singer's team. The forthcoming music video project also needs some actors to play Black Lives Matter activists, young white male protesters and a lesbian couple. The casting sheet reads, "We want to show that there is no segregation in love. But just two human beings of any race or color."

The production shoot is set to take place on Friday, September 8.

John is one of Donald Trump's most outspoken critics. During a recent interview with The Guardian, the singer dished on his savage tweets aimed at the controversial POTUS. "I feel like it's not super controversial," he said. "I think Trump is an embarrassment to the country. And his approval rating is terrible."

"Well, [Trump's] an entertainer, too, in a New York way," he added. "When he is criticising something, he is usually projecting. So, he calls people liars because he is a liar. He talks about the entertainment business because he rose through the entertainment business. He talks about people being corrupt, because he is corrupt. He talks about people being violent because he encourages violence. So, he's usually projecting when he criticises someone."

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