Lee Jong Suk Clarifies His Comments About YG

The 27-year-old actor recently accused YG Entertainment branches of lacking communication skills after causing delay in his fanmeeting.

AceShowbiz - %cLee Jong Suk% clarifies his comments about YG Entertainment. The 27-year-old actor recently accused YG Entertainment branches of lacking communication skills in an Instagram post after the company caused delay in his fanmeeting.

Lee Jong Suk explained in an interview with Newsen, "When doing social media, fans are in zeroth place (before first place). There's a lot of people who say social media is unnecessary and frivolous, so I don't write comments often because I know there’ll be an article if I write. The goal of using social media is 'Telling fans I did today!' "

"As for the fan meeting, it's a non-verbal promise I made with fans," he continued, "I've done one every year around the same time and date. Since it could have gotten canceled or delayed, I explained a bit more. I didn't imagine that it would be interpreted as an attack."

The "W Two Worlds" star then praised YG Entertainment, "YG is a good company. It's a good company, but I unintentionally got into a sticky situation. Since there were company opinions about the fan meeting I thought 'it could get delayed and it could get pushed back,' so I wanted to let [fans] know but I think I got the wording wrong."

"Since there is fan meeting work done by external parties, other teams are uncomfortable around me. It's hard to making a living," he joked.

Lee Jong Suk previously took to his Instagram to apologize to fans as his fanmeeting was delayed. "I felt there were a lot of fans anxiously waiting for the fan meeting TT.. so [let me explain] briefly.. You see, we were in the process of coordinating a fan meeting and.. At YG, each team is very confident and proud, but they lack efficient communication skills.. There was a differing opinion with the stage production team and we ate up quite some time hiring an outside source for stage production, so it may be that [the fan meeting] may not happen this year.. (tears) I'm sorry for making you wait," he wrote, "I will notify you as fast as possible!"

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