Goo Hara Is Accused of Smoking Marijuana After Posting a Photo of Hand-Rolled Cigarette

The former Kara member posted on Instagram a photo of hand-rolled cigarette and captioned it, 'This is tasty. This tastes good,' before deleting the snap shortly after.

AceShowbiz - Did %cGoo Hara% accidentally reveal that she's smoking marijuana? Fans accused the "Mamma Mia" songstress of smoking the substance after she took to Instagram to post a photo of hand-rolled cigarette on Wednesday, July 27.

"This is tasty. This tastes good," Hara captioned the snap, indicating that she did smoke it. She further fueled the speculations by deleting the photo shortly after. Fans suspected that she accidentally posted it on her public account instead of her private account.

"She probably uploaded it thinking it was on her private account. They really need to test her for marijuana," a fan commented on an article on Naver. Another added, "Did she voluntarily turn herself in for smoking marijuana?"

Other fans thought that the "Mister" hitmaker only wanted attention since she's close to %cSulli%, who's seen as an attention seeker. "I think she did it on purpose. She was probably laughing with Sulli after deleting it right away," one of them wrote. "Just another attention whore copying Sulli," another said.

Her agency KeyEast Entertainment refused to give further comments. "As the photo in question is from her personal social media account, we have nothing more to say regarding the matter," the agency said in a statement.

Hara later clarified that it was just a hand-rolled tobacco. "It's hand-rolled tobacco. I just took a photo because it was cool. The sky is cloudless today. Everyone, be careful of the heat!" she wrote alongside a photo of a clear sky.

롤링타바코 입니다. 신기해서 사진을 찍었던거에요~ 구름 한점 없는 하늘. 모두 더위 조심하세요!

Sebuah kiriman dibagikan oleh 구하라 (@koohara__) pada

However, fans didn't seem to believe her explanation. "To be honest it's not that bad to smoke whatever you want, but you're an idol, you are the role model of a lot people. Was it necessary to upload that photo?" a fan wrote in the comment section. Another mocked, "U just messed up did you?"

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