Venus Williams Claims Fatal Car Crash Victim Didn't Wear Seat Belt

In response to the wrongful death lawsuit against her, the tennis star blamed the Barsons for not wearing seat belt and for their failure to maintain and repair their vehicle.

AceShowbiz - Venus Williams has responded to the wrongful death lawsuit filed against her following deadly car accident last month, which killed 78-year-old Jerome Barson. According to court documents, the tennis star claimed that the victim failed to wear seat belt.

"Defendant states that the injuries and/or damages to the Plaintiff were solely and/or proximately caused by the unreasonable failure of the Plaintiff to use an available and operational seat belt and the time of the accident," stated the court documents which was filed on July 21.

In response to Wiliams' claim, Barson family's attorney Michael Steinger said that both Jerome Barson and Linda, his wife, were wearing seat belt. He added that data from the car pulled by investigators could be the proof.

He also responded to Williams' claim saying that Jerome and Linda failed to adequately maintain and repair their vehicle, which Linda was driving during the crash in Florida on June 9. "Our client's vehicle is actually a brand new 2016 Hyundai, which the inspection papers can prove was in perfect working order," Steinger said.

Williams was previously declared "at fault for violating the right of way," though it was all cleared up after a surveillance video showed that the athlete lawfully entered the intersection. Barsons' car crashed onto Williams' vehicle when the latter started to legally proceed after she slowed down for another car.

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