Report: Lee Jong Suk to Enlist to Military Soon

The 'I Hear Your Voice' star is believed to be starting his mandatory military soon after he rejected an offer to star in a movie.

AceShowbiz - Is %cLee Jong Suk% going to say goodbye to his fans soon? Although he hasn't reached the age limit of South Korea's mandatory military service, the 27-year-old actor is said to be enlisting to the military after he rejected an offer to star in a movie titled "The Witch".

YG Entertainment confirmed that Jong Suk recently received an enlistment warrant, but stated that he wouldn't be enlisting anytime soon. "It's true that Lee Jong Suk recently received his draft notice. However, he has not decided when his exact enlistment date will be," the agency said in a statement.

YG added that the actor rejected the offer simply because he wanted to rest. "Lee Jong Suk's decision to not appear in 'The Witch' is a completely separate issue from him receiving his draft notice. The choice to turn down the movie was made to respect the actor's wish to take a break," the statement read.

Although the "W" star denied the enlistment rumors, he had already undergone a physical examination at the Seoul Regional Military Manpower Administration Office back in 2013. The examination is mandatory for all men who want to start their military service.

"As he has reached the age when military service becomes relevant, he decided to undergo the examination. He will soon go to the Military Administration Office and be tested once more," his rep revealed. "We will receive the results soon. As military service is the duty of every Korean citizen, he will fulfill it no matter how the results turn out. However, he will not be enlisting immediately. He will enlist after continuing his activities for a while. He is slowly preparing for the enlistment."

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