'Pretty Little Liars' Reveals A.D. in Series Finale. Did You See It Coming?

The biggest mystery is answered before the Liars have their happy endings in the two-hour finale.

AceShowbiz - It's the ultimate endgame for "Pretty Little Liars" after seven years and 160 episodes. The show answered the biggest mystery about who A.D. is in the June 27 finale that opened with a scene showing [SPOILER ALERT!] A.D.'s meeting with Mona.

Flashing forward a year later, the two-hour finale revealed that Emily and Alison had twins, Lily and Grace. Emily's mom met Alison and gave her Emily's grandmother's ring so she could propose to her.

Melissa returned and said she would stay in the town for a bit. Toby came back to town for Aria and Eza's wedding. Caleb and Hanna were happy together, but they had some issues as it was revealed that they struggled to get pregnant. Caleb was also annoyed with how much Hanna still cared about Mona.

During Aria and Ezra's joint bachelor and bachelorette party, someone who looked like Melissa was lurking in the woods. Aria and Ezra's happiness was cut short when she received a disturbing phone call that left her in tears. She told Spencer that she couldn't marry Ezra.

Aria then dropped the bomb to Ezra, telling him that she got confirmation that she can't have kids. Ezra promised that they would get this through together, until he found out that Aria had known about her condition for several weeks.

Hanna then bought Mona to Aria and Ezra's rehearsal dinner, much to everyone's annoyance. Toby congratulated Spencer on winning "the game," referring to their game of Scrabble after the bachelor and bachelorette party, but Spencer looked confused. They ended up having a romp in the sack.

Toby wasn't there when Spencer woke up and Mona showed up. Mona knocked Spencer out and put Spencer in a jail cell, where she came to face-to-face with A.D. a.k.a. Alex Drake a.k.a. her evil twin. Yes, Spencer had a twin sister. Mary Drake, who escaped jail, revealed that she gave birth to Alex after Mr. Hastings picked Spencer up from the hospital as a baby. Alex was given up for adoption to a wealthy British family, but they eventually left her at an orphanage when she started to have issues.

Alex came to know about Spencer when she met Wren in a bar overseas where she worked as a bartender. They started dating, but Alex wanted revenge on the girls when she learned that they killed her sister Charlotte. Alex revealed she pretended to be Spencer several times, including when Toby bid farewell before he got into the car accident. Alex was the one who killed Wren and she turned his ashes into an eternity stone that she wore around her neck.

Spencer then saw Ezra in another cell across the way. Everyone thought Ezra stood Aria up at the alter because she received a text message that said he wasn't going to show up to their wedding. Ezra had become suspicious of Alex after she acted confused about something that he said. When he questioned her, Alex knocked him out and locked him up in the cell.

It turned out that Jenna and Toby also sensed something different about Spencer and alerted the other Liars about this. Meanwhile, Spencer and Ezra managed to break out of their cells, before Alex showed up with an ax to kill them.

Mona did assist Alex, but only because she agreed to Wren's plea to help stop Alex. After finding out Spencer and Ezra's location, Mona led the Liars to them. After Spencer and Ezra were saved, Aria and Ezra eventually got married. Mona called 911 and police arrested Alex. But Alex and Mary Drake ended up in Mona's dollhouse somewhere in Paris.

Speaking in a tell-all special, showrunner I. Marlene King said she had known for a couple of years regarding the identity of A.D. And Troian Bellisario knew about this two years ago, when she asked King for the solution.

When asked about the possibility of reunion in 10 years, Bellisario and co-stars Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse were up for it. "I think a reunion would have to be pretty special, to do it justice," Bellisario noted though.

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