Is She Giving Birth Soon? Beyonce's Security Team Reportedly Spotted at Hospital

The 'Run the World' hitmaker is believed to be preparing to give birth to the twins as her security team and entourage are 'buzzing with energy' while waiting outside a hospital in Los Angeles.

AceShowbiz - It seems like %cBeyonce Knowles% will be welcoming her twins really soon. She is said to be ready to give birth to the twins as her security team and entourage are reportedly spotted at a West Los Angeles hospital on Tuesday, June 13.

According to, %cJay-Z%'s security team is also at the hospital. "Beyonce's entourage and security team are at a West Los Angeles hospital. Her security was seen leaving her Beverly Hills home this morning carrying two baby seats to a hospital in West LA," an insider tells the website. "Bey and Jay's large security team, including three well-staffed Escalades, are now waiting outside the hospital for the arrival of the twins."

The insider shares that the powerhouse couple is trying to keep everything a secret. "They are keeping everything secretive, with [Beyonce and Jay-Z's security team] having left to the hospital overnight, in the cover of darkness," the insider claims. "Bey's team is buzzing with energy as the twins seem to be finally on the way. Jay's security are excited, on their toes, and anxiously awaiting the new additions to the family."

The insider believes that it's not a false alarm because Beyonce was supposed to give birth yesterday. "Beyonce's due date was yesterday and she has been seeing her OB/GYN on a regular basis at a different location," the insider shares, before adding, "This trip to this hospital is unique."

It was previously reported that the "Single Ladies" hitmaker and her husband turned their mansion into a $1.27 million maternity ward because she planned to give birth at home. "It is all about privacy and safety. It's not usual for someone expecting twins to have them at home, but Beyonce has discussed it with her doctors," a neighbor revealed.

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