'The Mummy' Is Slammed by Critics and Called the 'Worst Tom Cruise Movie Ever'

Several critics are given a chance to watch 'The Mummy' prior to its big-screen release and it turns out that the movie doesn't meet their expectations.

AceShowbiz - "The Mummy" is expected to be well-received by both critics and audiences, considering the fact that it features the one and only %cTom Cruise% and marks the first installment of Universal's Dark Universe. However, it seems like the movie doesn't meet critics' expectations.

Several critics were given a chance to watch "The Mummy" prior to its big-screen release and most of them ended up slamming the movie. One of them even dubbed it the "worst Tom Cruise movie ever."

Chris Nashawaty from EW writes, "The story feels as stitched together as Frankenstein's monster: a little bit of 'An American Werewolf' in London here, a little "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' there, some 'Jekyll and Hyde' as frosting." Nashawaty adds that the project "feels derivative and unnecessary and like it was written by committee (which a quick scan of its lengthy script credits confirms)."

David Ehrlich from IndieWire dubs the film the "worst Tom Cruise movie ever." According to Ehrlich, "The Mummy" is the first of Cruise's films "that doesn't feel like a Tom Cruise movie." He adds, "It's not that it's bad, it's that it never could have been good. It's an irredeemable disaster from start to finish, an adventure that entertains only via glimpses of the adventure it should have been. It's the kind of movie that Tom Cruise became a household name by avoiding at all costs."

Variety's Owen Gleiberman suggests that "The Mummy" just consists of patches of ideas which have long existed. "It will grab ideas, motifs, and effects from almost any genre and jam them together, palming off its grab-bag quality as 'originality,' " writes Gleiberman. He adds, " 'The Mummy' is a literal-minded, bumptious monster mash of a movie."

Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian says, "The Cruisemeister himself is left high and dry by plot lurches which leave him doing his boggle-eyed WTF expression. In one scene he is nude so we can see what undeniably great shape he's in. The flabby, shapeless film itself doesn't have his muscle-tone..."

The Telegraph's Rebecca Hawkes, however, gives "The Mummy" three stars, although she criticizes some aspects of the film. "Perhaps the real problem, ultimately, is the characters themselves," she writes, adding that "the reason the Marvel shared universe, which took years to build up, works, is because all of its superheroes feel engagingly human: fully-formed characters we actually want to spend time with. Here, the writing is one-note, and the leads little more than placeholders."

In related news, Cruise has taken to his Twitter account to share footage from "The Mummy" filming set. The footage sees Cruise and co-star %cRussell Crowe% fighting each other for a scene in the movie.

Starring alongside Cruise and Crowe in "The Mummy" are %cSofia Boutella%, %cJake Johnson%, %cAnnabelle Wallis% and %cCourtney B. Vance%. The movie will hit U.S. theaters on June 9.

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