Fans of 'The Amazing Race' Disapprove Season 29 Winners

Most of the fans of the CBS show seemingly are not happy with how the latest season ends, flying into a rage over the result on social media.

AceShowbiz - "The Amazing Race" season 29 announced its two winners in the season finale on Thursday night, June 1. %cScott Flanary% and %cBrooke Camhi% were crowned champions and took home $1 million grand prize after arriving first place at the final Pit Stop in Chicago. However, it seemed like fans were upset with the result and it presumably had something to do with their attitude throughout the season.

The two strangers, who met for the first time on the show, had a rather difficult time getting along throughout the season. Among viewers, Brooke was known for being such a whiner. Meanwhile, Scott ended up not looking likeable when he tried to combat Brooke's whining. It made them hard to look at for the majority of viewers.

Fans expressed their disappointment over the result on Twitter. @ophelialie took a jab at the pair and wrote, "Worst team ever to win #TheAmazingRace. Brooke was such an annoyance all season. #AmazingRace #AmazingRacefinale." @_Saraelizabeth3, meanwhile, tweeted, "I can't believe I wasted all this time watching #TheAmazingRace for Brooke to win. She was carried through this whole season."

The rage and complaints coming from fans seemingly were endless. They mostly pointed out Brooke's whiny behavior, which made the fans unhappy with the fact she was the winner. "Only Brooke could be in first place on the last leg and be pissed. #AmazingRace #theamazingrace," wrote @legendarydrew on Twitter.

However, it was not like Brooke and Scott were not aware or tried to hide their difficulties during the show. The two acknowledged it in their winning speeches, as Scott said, "Brooke and I were very different people, but we wanted the same outcome." He continued, "We were both very passionate to be standing on this red carpet here today, so whatever it took to be here was what we were going to do."

Broke added, "There are so many people who I may have had more in common with, but I wouldn't have been successful with." She went on saying, "As much as we bickered or got frustrated together, we shared something that most people never get to share."

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