'The Leftovers' Series Finale Preview: The End Is Here

Don't miss the final episode of the HBO series in which Nora appears to be making a decision to follow Kevin.

AceShowbiz - The end is near as there's only one episode left in the third and final season of "The Leftovers". Following the penultimate episode that aired Sunday, May 28, a preview for the series finale is shared, teasing what looks like the end of the world.

"My name is Nora Elizabeth Jamison-Durst. I hereby indemnify all individuals for the procedure that's about to occur," Nora declares in the video. She stands in between men wearing hazmat suit as she continues saying in voiceover, "Today is the day I'm leaving to be with him."

A glimpse of riot and people waiting in despair is offered as another scene previews what looks like nuclear bombs in the air.

"The Leftovers" series finale airs Sunday, June 4 at 9 P.M. on HBO.

In the latest episode, [SPOILER ALERT!] Kevin returned return to the Afterlife Hotel where he's back as the assassin Kevin, whose mission was to kill Kevin, the President of the United States. In the end, both Kevins decided to go along with Secretary of Defense Patti's plan to destroy the world.

Assassin Kevin sacrificed himself so that President Kevin could take a key embedded into his heart that would allow the plan to move forward. "It just made sense that Kevin's greatest enemy is this part of him that's broken," co-creator Damon Lindelof said of Kevin's move. "Even though the two Kevins are seemingly both really good guys, one of them is trying to destroy the world and, in fact, succeeds in every villains' mission... The bad Kevin actually wins, but he's just trying to help out the good Kevin."

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