Jennifer Lawrence Literally Rips Out Her Heart in the First Poster of 'mother!'

Making its way out via Darren Aronofsky's Twitter account, the poster sees Lawrence literally offering her bloody heart to someone.

AceShowbiz - To celebrate Mother's Day, director Darren Aronofsky shares a somewhat creepy first poster of his psychological thriller "mother!", which stars Jennifer Lawrence. Making its way out via Aronofsky's Twitter account, the poster features an oil painting of Lawrence, who has a bloody hole on her chest and holds a bloody heart in her hands.

"HAPPY mother! DAY," Aronofsky tweets alongside the image. In the haunting art created by artist James Jean, Lawrence dons a white dress and stands amid a garden. She seemingly has ripped her heart from her chest and blankly offers it to someone.

"mother!" will center on a couple whose tranquil existence is disturbed by uninvited guests who visit their house. Javier Bardem will presumably portray Lawrence's on-screen husband. Michelle Pfeiffer, Domhnall Gleeson, Ed Harris and Brian Gleeson will also appear in the psychological flick.

The movie has been set for an October release date, which means it will have a good chance to get Oscar buzz. It is scheduled to hit U.S. theaters on October 13, a slot which was originally given for "Friday the 13th". As it's the right moment for award-worthy movies to trickle in, "mother!" will compete against "The Snowman", "Logan Lucky", "The Commuter" and "Marshall", which are scheduled to be released on the same day.

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