Crayon Pop's So Yul and Moon Hee Jun Welcome First Child

The couple, who got married in February, are now parents to a baby girl after announcing So Yul's pregnancy earlier this week.

AceShowbiz - %cCrayon Pop%'s %cSo Yul% and %cMoon Hee Jun% are officially parents following the birth of their daughter on Friday, May 12. The baby was born a few days after the couple announced that So Yul would be giving birth soon.

Hee Jun's agency, Koen Stars, confirmed the news. "So Yul has given birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 2.6 kilograms at 4:30 P.M. Moon Hee Jun and their family are very happy. The baby and mother are both healthy, and So Yul is currently recovering with the help of all the love and support from those around her," the agency said in a statement.

Prior to the birth of their child, So Yul was accused of faking her panic disorder in order to cover up her pregnancy. The 25-year-old singer announced her indefinite hiatus in October 2016, a month before her relationship with the former H.O.T. member was revealed. People were disappointed since the two lied about the existence of their child in order to avoid shotgun wedding accusation.

With her new status as a new mother, So Yul will not be able to join Crayon Pop at the group's last official performance on May 27. The group's contract expired in March and the members decided to go separate ways, but said that Crayon Pop wouldn't disband.

Fans claimed that So Yul was the one who caused damage to the group. "So Yul is hiding behind Moon Hee Jun and staying quiet... the real victims are the rest of the members," a commenter wrote in an article on Naver. "Their group image was supposed to be cute, no way they can maintain that with one member off and married," another added.

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