Lee Min Ho Begins Mandatory Military Service - Watch the Video

The 29-year-old actor starts his military service at Gangnam's government office where he will serve the country as a public service worker for two years.

AceShowbiz - Lee Min Ho was spotted at Gangnam's government office on Friday, May 12 as he reported in to begin his mandatory military service. The "Legends of the Blue Sea" star received his enlistment date from the government a month before his service began. He will be starting his service first before entering a training camp within this year.

Min Ho will serve as a public service worker instead of an active duty soldier due to his injuries. He was involved in a severe car accident with actor Jung Il Woo in 2006 and broke bones in his thighs and ankle. He was bedridden for months after the accident. In 2011, he was involved in another car accident while filming drama "City Hunter".

Prior to his enlistment, the "Boys Before Flowers" star revealed his thoughts about having to leave acting and his loved ones for two years. At the press conference of MBC's documentary, "DMZ, the Wild", he admitted that he felt a little bit sad. "I think everyone feels the same way before enlisting. I feel like I will be separated for a while and I feel sad," he shared. "As I am waiting for my enlistment date, I do have ambition regarding work and would like to film another project."

Fans were sad to see him go as he wouldn't be able to work as an actor for two years. Hundreds of them were already waiting in front of Gangnam's office when Min Ho arrived. He politely greeted them and shook their hands while walking toward the office.

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