The Rayburns Come to an End in New Bloody 'Bloodline' Season 3 Trailer

The trailer sees cops finally discovering the family's dark secrets and making them pay for all they have done, while John (Kyle Chandler) still insists that they are not bad people.

AceShowbiz - Maybe the Rayburns are indeed bad people, unlike what John claims. A new trailer for the third and final season of "Bloodline" sees that the Rayburns seemingly will have to pay every single bad thing they did throughout the series.

The trailer opens with a heavily terrified-sounded Kevin Rayburn (%cNorbert Leo Butz%) calling his brother John Rayburn (%cKyle Chandler%) for a help after he brutally killed detective Marco Diaz (%cEnrique Murciano%). The family matriarch, Sally Rayburn (%cSissy Spacek%), seemingly is still in disbelief over what her sons have been doing. "How did we get here? We had some good times, didn't we? But you all lied to me," she says. Meg Rayburn (%cLinda Cardellini%), meanwhile, seems to be ready to turn her back on her brothers due to Marco's brutal death.

John is still busy covering up his bad deed in season 1, killing his own brother Danny Rayburn (%cBen Mendelsohn%) with other family members, excluding Sally, covering up the crime. He tells someone that Eric (%cJamie McShane%), Danny's friend, knows way "too much" and seemingly will try everything to make Eric incapable to reveal the truth. A scene where the cops surround the Rayburns family's house is later glimpsed as John says in a voiceover, "Please don't judge us. We're not bad people, but we did bad things."

The 10-episode third season will see the end of the story of Rayburn family, the hard-working pillars of their Florida Keys community. Their dark past hunts everyone in the family and in attempt to bury the secrets, good people are forced to consider doing bad deeds.

Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler create the series. Meanwhile, Sony Pictures Television produces for Netflix.

"Bloodline" season 3 premieres on Friday, May 26 on Netflix.

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